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Bravo: Dschingis Khan Interview

The interview page came to me already damaged, unfortunately, but it's still readable. There's quite a bit of text on the both pages

Left Page (The Interview)

(Photos from top, going clockwise)

Leslie Mandoki plays on the stage the "Rocking Son of Genghis Khan."

Henriette Heichel had never publically sung, before joining the group.

Wolfgang Heichel is the boss of the group, and is married to Henriette

Steve Bender plays in Dschinghis Khan the "Wild" Man.

Edina Pop also had success as a solo singer.

Group picture caption: Dschinghis Khan in Action: Where the group performs, it is jubilant. There are hardly any days off for Wolfgang, Henriette, Louis, Leslie and Steve (left to right)


Bravo: You meet every day in a small room in Munich-Bogenhausen. Everything is very mysterious. What's going on behind those closed doors?

Wolfgang Heichel: We're rehearsing for our new big Germany Tour, that we're starting in the new year next year. We want to surprise our fans with a new 90-minute show.

Bravo: Can you explain this more?

Leslie Mandoki: We will not just sing and dance. Each of us will play one or more instruments.

Bravo: Do you get "reinforcements" for this tour, or do you travel alone?

Edina Pop: We get an accompanying orchestra. Whether or not this is possibly a choir, is not yet fixed.

Bravo: How long will this tour last? Will it only be in the big cities?

Steve Bender: How long we will be on the road, we also don't know yet. But it will be at least two months. This means that we will make appearances in small and middle cities too.

Bravo: You were recently in Israel and recieved an award...

Henriette Heichel: We have received the "Golden Oscar" of Israel for best foreign Pop group. This prize has us, of course, very pleased.

Bravo: Next year finds the Summer Olympics in the city of Moscow. Your last hit was called "Moskau." Will you be there?

Louis Henrik[sic] Potgieter: We have already received an official invitation to Moscow. A friend of mine, a dancer who lives in Moscow, wrote to me that we are already very well known in Russia, and many pictures of us already hang on the walls in record stores.

Bravo: You are constantly on the move. Does a make-up artist travel with you, to do your make-up?

Henriette Heichel: No. Edina and I do our own make-up. I also make-up my husband, Wolfgang. Louis Hendrik takes care of not only his own make-up, but that of Leslie and Steve as well. The whole process takes about an hour.

Bravo: How many TV-Appearances have you had in Germany this year?

Steve Bender: If we only take the regional programs, it was 21. We went on almost every major TV-show. Our next TV events are on December 17, on "Disco." We do a skit with Ilja Richter on the New Years Show, and on January 8, 1980 in "Pyramide."

Bravo: And when will you have vacation time?

Wolfgang: Christmas. We're all looking forward to this festival. Everyone will of course celebrate with their family. But after the holidays, we must immediately go back to work.

Right Page

(Clockwise, starting at the top)

Henriette on a hot "Ofen." She cannot drive it, however.

Privately, Leslie loves these clothes: casual overalls and T-shirts

Wolfgang studied also art for a time. These paintings he has completed himself. He has a lot of talent.

So appears "Dschinghis Khan" Louis Hendrik Potgietr un-made-up.

Edina is a funny girl.

The four-year-old Melanie is the pride of Steve Bender. He plays with his little daughter for hours.

Dancer Louis Hendrik Potgieter was a solo-dancer with a Munich Theatre, before he slipped into the costume of Genghis Khan.

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  1. They played INSTRUMENTS?? Why isn't there footage of this anywhere?? Maybe they were never able to pull that off.......

    Steve as the "wild man" is funny- he's the most subdued, sedate performer of the 6. And I zoomed in on Wolfgang's scan to look at his painting, but never got past the glasses and that scarf thing.......

    What a cool thing you're doing, Jenn. Please don't ever stop-