Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dschingis Khan: Earlier

I paid entirely too much for this article, but it is worth it just for the shot of young Leslie. Am I the only one who thinks he must have come out of the womb with a moustache and long hair? (Okay, now that's a horrifying mental image. Seriously.)
This article is mainly worth it for the pictures, however, because some of the information I've never heard of before, particularly Leslie's, and I wonder how accurate it is.

Clockwise, from top:

Dschingis Khan:

Where are the six "Wilds" from? What did they do earlier? BRAVO shows you a different way...

Wolfgang Heichel (top, as a Confirmant at 14) has been married to Henriette for three years. Studied art and went to a hotel-managing school. Was bos and singer of "New Blue Heaven." Studied four semesters of dentistry. He is the spokesperson of the band. There is no boss.

Steve Bender has the most musical career behind him of the Dschinghis Khan members. When he had hair (small photo), he had 17 singles and 4 LPs. Steve has been married for 10 years and has a four year old daughter. For a professional, he was a painter. He has sung with Donna Summer.

Edina Pop has over the years brought 15 singles and an LP to the market. Comes from Hungary and has been widowed for four years. She was married to the actor Gunther Stoll.

Henriette Heichel wanted to be an ice skater. She even took part in the Bavarian Championships. At 16, she suffered a double fracture and had to give up the sport. She is a trained make-up artist.

Leslie Mandoki is a professional drummer. He was born in Budapest and has been married for two years. He has studied Psychology for three semesters. The amateur-photographer also visited the Music-Conservatorium. He is the funniest one in Dschinghis Khan.

Louis Hendrik Potgieter is the Genghis Khan of the group. Privately, as the trained Solo-dancer (small photo), he appears not at all so terrifying. Louis was born in South Africa, he is single, and studied graphic arts. He has given up his theatre job.

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  1. Yay! I have this scan too and REALLY wanted you to do this one; thank you SO much. Some quick comments:

    - Steve AND Wolfgang were painters? Cool......
    - I didn't know Edina was widowed.
    - Poor Henriette! I didn't know she was that good a skater. But of course, if she didn't, she wouldn't have been in DK, so.......
    - I KNOW you chuckled when you read that Leslie studied psychology, Jenn. Talk about ironic, huh??

    Another bullseye, Jenn. Keep 'em coming-