Friday, January 28, 2011

Autograph Card #1

I got this autogrammkarte (autograph card) on eBay for about 1 euro. It's worth it to note that this isn't a real autograph card; the auto's are just printed on. Still, it's a neat relic. Leslie's signature in particular intrigues me -- what exactly did he write? To me, it looks like "Leslie Lisuden," but since "Lisuden" is not a word in English, German or Hungarian, I have to say that I just don't know.


Dschinghis Khan

Given Name: Louis Hendrik Potgieter
Birthday: 4 April 1952[sic]
Birthplace: Johannesburg/South Africa
Eyes/Hair: Brown/Brown
Height: 1.90 metres
Trained profession: Solo dancer/ classical ballet

Given Name: Leslie Mandoki
Birthday: 7 January 1953
Birthplace: Budapest/Hungary
Eyes/Hair: Blue-green/brown
Height: 1.78 metres
Trained Profession: Music teacher [sic]
Married: to Romy Hempel since 1977

Name: Edina Pop
Given Name: Marika Kesmarki
Birthday: 4 February 1947
Birthplace: Budapest/Hungary
Eyes/Hair: Brown/light brown
Height: 1.70 metres
Trained Profession: Singing student/secretary
Married: to the actor Gunther Stoll since 1971 (till his death in 1977)

Given Name: Henriette Heichel
Maiden Name: Henriette Strobel
Birthday: 13 November 1953
Birthplace: Amsterdam/Holland
Eyes/Hair: Blue-green/dark blonde
Height: 1.71 metres
Trained Profession: Dental assistant/cosmetologist, was earlier a hobby-figure0skater.
Married: to Wolfgang Heichel since 1976

Name: Steve Bender
Given Name: Karl-Heinz Bender
Birthday: 2 November 1946
Birthplace: Mainz
Eyes/Hair: Blue/Bald
Height: 1.71 metres
Trained Profession: Painter
Married: to Elfriede Biegler since 1969
Child: Melanie (born 1975)

Given Name: Wolfgang Heichel
Birthday: 4 November 1951
Birthplace: Meissen/DDR (East Germany)
Eyes/Hair: Brown/brown
Height: 1.88 metres
Trained profession: Dental student (given up)
Married: to Henriette Strobel since 1976.


  1. Yeah, what WAS that that Leslie wrote? It's sure not "Mandoki." Yet another DK mystery to solve, Jenn.......... XD

    Thanks for posting-


  2. Just rereading the info on my beloved, making sure I already knew all the info on the card.

    She's 1.71 meters, apparently. Google has that as roughly 5 ft 7.5 in. I hope she's OK with slow-dancing with a man 2 inches shorter than her! I, of course, have NO issue at all with that- but some women have a hang-up about that sort of thing. I'll just have to wear Timberland boots, like George did on Seinfeld........XD


  3. Thanks! That's really cool!
    Just I am a bit confused about who is taller - Wolfgang or Louis.
    It's said almost everywhere, Wolfgang is 1.88 and Louis 1.90, but videos and photos show W is a bit taller. Or maybe it's heeled boots?

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for this super site about Dschinghis Khan. I am a great Hungarian fan of the group, and my favourite is Edina, her real name is Késmárky Marika. On the web her birthday is 4 February 1941, but I have got a Hungarian music book from 1970 (Csak fiataloknak III; in English: Only for Youngs Part III), in which I found another date: 2 February 1945. Marika/Edina won the Hungarian Songfestival (Táncdalfesztivál) in 1969 with this Song: Egy fiú a házból (A Guy from the House). This Song is a classic in Hungary.

    I started a new blog (because my first blog is lost), and – of course – I repost my (updated) old writings, for example about Dschinghis Khan, Edina Pop and Leslie Mandoki. Thanks for your help with this blog.

    Best wishes,

    Tony from Hungary