Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Their "Hadschi" Poster Was Created

This article came to me in two pieces, unfortunately; seems it was published across the binding. It is interesting because it provides a neat look at how the iconic "Hadschi Halef Omar" poster was created -- I for one had no idea that so much work went into it!


It was the most expensive Single-Cover-Production of the year! For their new single, "Hadschi Halef Omar," Dschinghis Khan rented the film studio in Puchheim near Munich where shows such as "Der Alte" and "Derrick" are filmed. An artist painted on the wall a 15 metre wide desert horizon. Three truckloads of sand for the "desert" were brought in. It had to be mixed with paint so it would be desert-yellow. From the "Schuberth" travelling circus, a camel and a pony were brought in, and then the six savages threw on their new costumes and posed for the camera for BRAVO-photographer Bubi Heilemann. The result is what you see in this magazine...


Captions, clockwise starting from the top.

- An artist paints "desert" on the wall.

- Louis makes "Hadschi Halef" Leslie beautiful.

- Leslie "on horeseback" in front of an artistic sand dune.

- Henriette makes up her husband Wolfgang.

- Steve polishes his freshly-shaved scalp.

- Louis feels great on the "Desert-Ship"

- Hump hump -- the camel was unloaded.

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  1. OMG OMG OMG I LOVE IT! Why can't I find these articles myself??

    - They had to PAINT the sand? Hmmmm- I'm looking at my poster scan now; it looks like any other kind of sand. I guess that's the point, though!! How does one mix sand with paint anyway?

    - They THREW on their costumes? Is that the literal German translation? How disrespectful! We're talking HHO pink dresses here. The sexiest, most gorgeous costumes any act has ever worn on stage. The costumes I have been trying to track down footage of for THREE MONTHS now. You "throw" sweatpants and a T-shirt on- you don't "throw" HHO pink dresses on!!

    - How much do you like Louis making up Leslie, Jenn?

    - Does ANY woman look better in curlers than Henriette Strobel? I'd agree to have 5 years taken off my life in exchange to switch places with Wolfgang Heichel at that moment. What a lucky sumbeech, that guy was- having the most gorgeous woman in the world making you up, AND you're married to her. AND she'll be wearing HHO pink dresses later that day. *shakes head*

    Now THIS is a hell of a way to start a day, Jenn!! :D THANK YOU for posting-