Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Genghis Khan and His Brown Love

Not much to say about today's article other than, Wow.


The solo dancer of the famous popgroup was directed by his fiancee to a shared flat in Munich.

"The Wintergarden is our favourite place. We often eat breakfast here and watch the hustle and bustle of the Viktualienmarkt [farmer's market]."

Louis Potgieter and Madeleine Davis proudly lead each guest through the beautiful four-room apartment they have set up in the heart of Munich.

"A few little things that really make it comfortable are still missing," apologizes the dark-skinned New Yorker. "But we have simply not enough time, to go searching."

The couple is overly busy and frequently 'on the move.' "But always separated, because we are professional competitors," explains the 30-year-old Louis. He is the solo-dancer of the Disco formation Dschinghis Khan, the most successful singing troupe in Europe. Madeleine is the lead singer of the new girl-group "La Mama" who the Boney-M maker Frank Farian wants to make popular in the next months.

Louis, the native-born South African, already met his fiancee two and a half years previously. Then they both lost contact for months. "It wasn't love at first sight for us," he admits. "It only sparked when I saw Madeleine in a Munich disco. There she was performing with her band."

At the time, he was less impressed by the singing of the 29-year olds than by their smooth movements. The ex-solo dancer from the Munich Gartnerplatz Theatre immediately recognized: "Madeleine has the dance in her blood." This talent and the enthusiasm for music brought Dschinghis Khan and his brown love together. Now they are planning a common future, each reserving some private space. That, they think is the best recipe for long lasting happiness.

"And if we argue, we make peace again at the common breakfast."

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  1. "His brown love." My, how times have changed.......

    Does the weightlifting pic have anything to do with Louis/Madeleine? It's an awesome pic, but it seems out of place........

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