Monday, April 11, 2011

The "Klabautermann" is About.

With much apologies for the delay, I present this piece from Bravo Magazine circa 1980, courtesy of metfanmatt :)

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The "Klabautermann" is About

It is ten o'clock at night. The doors of the Munich museums have long since closed behind the last visitor. Spooky rise the masts of the boats on show in the half-darkness.

Suddenly comes life in the hall. Wind-and-fog machines are started, bright lights shine on. Five bold figures in three cornered hats, top boots, breeches and billowing skirts enter and board a fishing boat from the last century...

This was not a belated Carnival scene, rather a photo-session for the new Dschinghis Khan LP "Klabautermann," and the same-named single. Note for land-lovers - the Klabautermann is a ship's goblin which - as it says in the yarn - announces a ship's sinking with a hammer beating.

Wolfgang, Henriette, Edina, Louis and Leslie unearthed the pirate costumes in a Munich costume-rental. Wolfgang: "However, I do not care for when first used on the Gottschalk-program "Na Sowas," the trousers burst on the right thight. Bordered on pornographic."

In terms of sound, "Klabautermann" composer Ralph Siegel has adapted to the latest trends. The songs are built on synthesizer bases; bombastic strings like in "Rome" are out. Wolfgang: "From karaoke to make it a mixture of Falco and Rheingold. Simply by pressing rhythms to which you can dance well."

What else is happening with the Dschinghis Khans?

Wolfgang Heichel (his favourite saying: those who sleep longer, wake later) has fallen in love with a moss-green metallic 911er Porsche SC with "great sound" wants to be discovered by the Moderator talent on "Na Sowas": "In this institution the competition is very stiff." [Trans: This section wouldn't translate properly, I took a guess at what it was trying to say but this is probably wrong.]

Henriette Heichel, who has separated from her husband Wolfgang Heichel, is in fashion [modelling]. She received an offer at a Las Vegas fashion show, but had to cancel because Dschinghis Khan is paramount.

Edina Popp dedicated herself mainly to her Hungarian boyfriend Atila Terl and deals with real estate.

Louis Potgieter brings his artistic talent now also to paper. He paints ("mainly modern") and wants to arrange his first art showing soon.

Leslie Mandoki plans, encouraged by his solo-LP "Back to Myself" for this year with his four-man-band ten trial-shows and then beginning in 1983 going on tour.

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  1. HOORAY! A new article- AND another shoutout!! Whoo hoo!!! XD

    - Phew- I was genuinely scared about what Wolfgang could possibly have been saying with that "pornography" line. That doesn't sound that bad, though!

    - What's "Na Sowas"? Some sort of talent show?

    - Nice job outta Ralph Siegel, with whatever he did with that synthesizer stuff. Klabautermann is an AWESOME song.........

    - We had thought that no one knew Henriette and Wolfgang had separated until much later! But here it is in print in 1982.......

    - I would LOVE to see some of Louis' artwork! I wonder if any have survived?

    And I'll spare you my thoughts on Henriette's fashion show........*wink*

    Thank you, Jenn- Typing all that into Google Translate is just a nightmare. PLEASE keep them coming!!