Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Diary From Israel

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Our Diary from Israel

For one week, the six were hitmakers in the “Holy Land.” They report about their triumph exclusively in ROCKY DAS FREIZEIT MAGAZIN.

Thursday: After a 3000 km flight, our Lufthansa-Jet lands in 25 degrees-in-the-shade Tel Aviv. We shine in the sun in the Sheraton-Hotel sipping fresh orange juice. Between unpacking and showers we miss the sunset. At 10:30 pm is our live show on the Israeli television program. Taxi driver Josef drives us into Jerusalem to the studio. He begins to wonder, because he does not recognize us immediately without our costumes. “We are the Hu-Ha’s!” Louis explains to him. His good wishes accompany us. In the studio we sing “Moskau” and come in second in the rankings [trans: this was unclear, but I think this is what it means] If this keeps up...

Friday: Henriette wakes with a fever, and has to go to the doctor. Sch...nice! [trans: unclear]. Steve and Leslie look for an interview in the famous pirate station “Voice of Piece [sic?]” and quit moaning about the high seas for fun. We learn that our singles are here, since the Eurovision is in the charts again. Next destination: Eilat - the Israeli “Riviera.” After a five hour bus ride through the Negev Desert in the dark, we reach the Red Sea. Steve looks for a razor when his “middle part” threatens to grow [trans: no idea...] Until the show it’s all blank again. Great Success! The slip of the day comes to Leslie: “Wow how we all cheered in Israel!” Our escape from the bus he’s even right. 2 am: now again a five hour bus drive.

Saturday: Arrival in Tel Aviv at sunrise. Wolfgang, Steven and Louis hit the beach, the rest in their beds. In the afternoon we met our choreographer Hannes Winkler together again. Who watches us in the “Yad-Elyaho” (Sports Palace) rehearsals guesses why we call him “Schinderhannes.” Henriette smiles bravely, but can’t get out a word. It makes us worried. In the evening we rejoice to 5000 people when we sing “Israel.”

Sunday: Reunion with Jerusalem. Stroll through the old town. Drum freak Leslie discovered ‘treasures’ in the bazaar, Edina a fur coat for the German winter. The “Wailing Wall” from a distance (we have nothing to complain about.) Souvenir photo at the Dome of the Rock. Adventurous eating in a hurry. Schinderhannes drives us further into the congress hall and the stage. Steve bitches, Wolfgang turns a deaf ear. But it runs the show. Memories of the Grand Prix in March. Then we came in 4th place [sic]. Today in Israel we are number one!

Monday: Sleep in! At noon we will enjoy Israeli champagne on the beach. Water temperature 25 degrees. Leslie laments that he is still too pale. Steve is already very dark [trans: paraphrased; original translation inappropriate.] Wolfgang has slept the night on his belly. Sunburn! In the evening we are guests on the Israeli “Top of the Pops.” The television show features a disco for a later date.

Tuesday: Big excitement: Wolfgang has lost his airplane ticket. Everyone looks in vain. at 12, the thing is in the hotel. Clear! The bus takes us along the coast to Haifa. Along the way we harvest oranges, bananas and grapes like in the land of plenty. Hannes warns of “resounding” success. Steve threatens to not appear: the sun has burned his beautiful bald head. Edina helps him with dark make up. The appearance in Haifa has been saved!

Wednesday: Since last night, a hot desert wind has been blowing. We prefer Munich weather! The excitement, we get the Israeli “Oscar” for best foreign group ’79. In the Mann Auditorium we are also decorated with the peace prize and a gold single for “Dschinghis Khan.” Afterward, the party continues in our honour at the Sheraton. Everyone wants to celebrate with us. By 4 am, our eyes fall. A week full of experiences, adventures, and encounters! We have the best feeling to have found a lot of friends in Israel.

Captions: (Clockwise from right-hand corner)

Shiny as the mosque (L.) is also Dschinghis Khan. The country by which the “Grand Prix” struck her birth, she was honoured with gold, an Oscar, and the Peace prize.

By bus a journey of discovery: when there’s a refreshment stop in the canister.

“Cheers!” call Wolfganf, Louis, Edina, Leslie, Henriette and Steve and they drink to their success.

Dschinghis Khan proudly presents upon return the awards at the Munich airport in Israel: a gold single and an Oscar.

Rehearsal before the Israeli “Top of the Pops” (L)

Hannes Winkler, jokingly named “Schinderhannes” startles his parishioners.

Leslie has bought drums. Dschinghis Khan gives a special performance on the road.


  1. DK-English is back! Huh Hah!!

    What an adventure they had in Israel! Lost plane tickets, sunburned heads, the Wailing Wall..........sounds like an amazing experience. I knew they were big in Israel, but apparently they were bigger than I thought!

    "We are the Huh-Hah's." Hehehehehe.........XD

    What was the REAL translation that was "inappropriate"? I'm DYING to know!!

    And I knew about that champagne toast on the beach! I SO want a good version of that picture..........

    PLEASE don't let the next update take as long as this one did, Jenn!! ;-) Thank you for posting-

    1. hey! do you love Henriette? Please answer me!