Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Tamed Dschinghis Khan

This article chronicles the adventure of one lucky reader, Jutta Koch, who won a contest to spend a day with Dschinghis Khan.


When Magazin-winner Jutta Koch (17) came from the flower-roads of Trier with four bottles of wine for her meeting with Dschinghis Khan in Munich, they had no idea what right they had to celebrate: For on that day, their Grand-Prix song "Dschinghis Khan" hit #1 on the German music charts. In the huge villa of their music producer, Edina, Henriette, Louis, Wolfgang, Steve and Leslie met with Jutta for the the first time, and reported, in detail what all is behind the secenes in Jerusalem. "Sure, we were initially disappointed by our fourth place," said Henriette.

After Jutta, who has already created an entire folder of articles about Dschinghis Khan, had collected the autographs and even in addition, the home addresses of some of the members, they went into the super modern recording studio in which Dschinghis Khan had recorded their hit. There, the six with Jutta in the middle sang their hit song into the microphone. "Really a great voice," stated Leslie Mandoki, and Jutta got a red face. After some hesitation, she revealed that she had already rehearsed at home the dance steps of Dschinghis Khan. Of course, the group immediately wanted to see, so they danced outside on the porch with Jutta Koch, every dance step very precisely controlled. "No question," said Louis Henrik[sic] Potgieter. "If someone gets out with us, then we will pick up replacements."

After a cozy conversation, in which Dschinghis Khan revealed to their guest that they will soon also be admired in the cinema - they appear in the film "Sonnyboy and Sugarbaby" - they said goodbye with a kiss from Wolfgang, Louis, Leslie, Steve, Edina and Henriette to Jutta, and of course, "you really are a mad clique!"


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  2. I hope Jutta Koch realizes she's the luckiest person in the history of the universe:

    - She got behind-the-scenes info on Eurovision 79?
    - She had a "cozy" conversation with them?
    - She got to sing and dance with them?
    - She got their HOME ADDRESSES???

    And I'm sure you can figure out which part REALLY made my jaw drop, Jenn, so I won't mention it.........

    Sounds like the experience of a lifetime, though. I wonder if she's selling those articles on eBay?? *wink*

    Thanks again for a wonderful article-